on 24 July 2017

An old bomb, apparently from World War II, was discovered near Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse (picture) a few days ago. The bomb has been safely detonated on site, by personnel from the army. Reports seem to vary, but it might have been some kind of smoke grenade.  


on 23 July 2017

When the Danes go on vacation, the preferred destinations when going abroad, seem to be primarily other European countries, but they might of course also visit other parts of the world. Warm and sunny places (or simply places that are warmer and sunnier than Denmark) are very popular. However, many Danes enjoy going on domestic vacations as well, spending time in a rented or owned summer house, often located close to the seaside.  

Roskilde Festival

on 27 June 2017

The Roskilde Festival is an annual music festival in the middle of the summer (Around late June to beginning of July). It began in 1971, and has grown a lot since then; it is now the largest music festival in northern Europe. 130.000 people participated in the latest festival in 2016, which is around ten times more than the original festival in '71, which had between 10-13.000 participants. The music varies, but the main focus seem to be on rock and pop music, but all kinds of acts play the festival. A popular event, that started out in 1999, and has now become tradition, is the "Nude run", where the participants run around a track completely naked. The runners have the chance of winning a ticket for next years festival, as well as other prizes.

The Hot Dog Wagon

on 18 June 2017

The pølsevogn (hotdog stand, but literally translates as sausage wagon) is not nearly as popular as it once was, with between 600 and 700+ hotdog stands in the 1970's, but you can still find around a hundred of them, many of which are located in Copenhagen. Even though they are on the retreat, they are still considered a very Danish phenomenon, having been part of the Danish culture since 1921. The picture shows a hotdog stand in Copenhagen, located right in front of the City Hall. There is another one in the other end of the square, not very far away.

The Island Kingdom

on 10 June 2017

Denmark is an island kingdom, but nobody actually knows the excact number of islands. New small islands may appear, others are submerged and disappears, so the number varies quite a lot. There is around 390 named islands, and 78 inhabited islands, though in some instances the inhabitants consists of only one or two persons. There is around 1400 islands that are at least 100 square meters in size (1076.391 square feet). 

The Little Mermaid

on 30 May 2017

The statue of The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen has been more or less covered in red paint by unknown perpetrators. This is not the first time the statue has been the target of vandalism. In fact, quite a few things have happened to it over the years, since its' creation in 1913, including having its' head removed, twice. However, it would seem that the paint has now been cleaned off, and the statue returned to its' normal state. 


on 29 May 2017

The beach/habour of Lønstrup, a very small town with a very large area of of summer houses surrounding it. It is located in Northern Jutland. On the other side of the town is Rubjerg Knude Fyr, a lighthouse built in 1900. It its - apparently - the worlds' only lighthouse buried in sand (although it isn't really buried). Sadly, it has been estimated that it will probably only stand for 10-15 years longer, before falling into the ocean, as the dune it is standing on is eroding. 

Great Prayer Day

on 12 May 2017

Today is Store Bededag (Great Prayer Day) in Denmark, an exclusively Danish public holiday that falls on the fourth Friday after Easter. It was introduced in 1686 as a day of prayer and penance, and work (amongst many other things) were prohibited. Thus, the bakers couldn't make fresh bread on Friday morning as usual, but would make wheat buns Thursday evening for people to eat the day after. However, people started eating the hot wheat buns Thursday evening instead, which has now become tradition. 

The Liberation 1945

on 07 May 2017

May 5th every year we still celebrate and commemorate the liberation of Denmark after the German occupation, which officially ended on the fifth of May 1945 (though it had been announced the evening before). 
Since the occupying power had demanded that everybody use blackout curtains during the war, the symbol of liberation has become lighting a candle or candles in the window on this evening.

The Denmark Canon

on 23 April 2017

The ten values of society that constitutes the canon have been chosen and published. They are as follows:

  • The Christian cultural heritage
  • The Danish language
  • Collective activities and voluntariness
  • Freedom
  • Liberality
  • Hygge
  • Gender equality
  • Equality before the law
  • Trust
  • The welfare society


on 17 April 2017

The Danish flag, "Dannebrog", is the oldest national flag in the world. According to legend, the flag was descended from the Heavens as a gift/sign from God, and led the Danes to victory against the Estonian forces, though the sources differ on whether this happened in 1208 or 1219.