When a child was confirmed, one set of grades was given for each of Knowledge and Conduct on the scale:

  • Ug    = Udmærket godt (Very well)
  • Mg    = Meget godt  (Nice)
  • G      = Godt  (Good)
  • Tg     = Temmelig godt  (Pretty good)
  • Mdl   = Mådeligt  (Very mediocre)
  • Slet   = Slet  (Bad)

The scale was in use 1805-1963. 

Intro to Servant's Conduct Book


Every servant must have a servant’s conduct book. Before use, it must be provided with a seal from either the police authority (in Copenhagen and in the market towns) or from the incumbent (in the rural areas).

A child who wants to serve after having completed school, must obtain a servant’s conduct book if they don’t already have one, and the book should be provided with their school certificate, when and where the child was born, if the child is christened and confirmed, and if that is the case, where and when.

Any householder who employs a servant, must provide the servant’s conduct book with information on the when the servant worked for him, what the pay was, and what kind of work was provided. Anyone who moves to a market town or cure where they haven’t been before, to work as a servant, must notify either the police authority or the incumbent so they can certify the servant’s conduct book. The servant must also notify the proper authorities when moving from the market town or cure. Not having or updating the information in the servant’s conduct book properly is punished with fines.

Removing pages or purposefully making information in the book illegible is punished with either fines or prison.